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Owner Fox Social Media, Host Simple Marketing Academy Show & Podcast - Houston & Galveston, TX - Orange County, CA

 am the owner of Fox Social Media. I'm an experienced marketing consultant for small businesses in a multitude of industries. My company, Fox Social Media, helps clients grow their businesses, increase their sales, and build relationships with their existing and new patients/clients/customers. I've set-up, run, and managed the online marketing operations for clients in the fields of medicine, law, education, investment banking, commercial and residential real estate, accounting, human resources, non-profit, fitness, sports, tv & film production, talent management, restaurant, online retail, magazine publication, solar energy, as well as for bloggers and high profile individuals. Having the knowledge and expertise to correctly navigate online marketing in regulated industries, my client's trust me with their marketing, advertising and online reputation. Another of my passions is teaching, and I've been fortunate enough to be invited to guest lecture at prominent Southern California universities, present to members of the Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce, and speak to businesses on the topic of online marketing.

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