Course description

§Projects in a variety of industries require external materials and resources to successfully achieve their objectives.
§Understanding the processes, benefits and uses of project procurement management can help you more effectively achieve your project goals.
§In this course, we define project procurement management, discuss who uses it, its benefits and processes and describe the responsibilities of project procurement managers.
§The goal of Supply chain management (SCM) is to implement decisions that results in optimal performance of an organization

§Today‘s information driven, integrated supply chains are enabling organizations to reduce inventory and costs, add product value, extend resources, accelerate time to market, and retain customers.

What will i learn?

  • Discuss the difference between procurement and supply chain management. Procurement.
  • Explain the main objectives of project procurement and supply chain management.
  • Understand the management of flows in a project
  • Link procurement and supply chain functions to other organizational functions.
  • Define e-procurement management.


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