Introduction to CCTV Systems & AutoCAD Layouts

This course introduces CCTV systems: what closed-circuit television is, the purpose of adopting this kind of security system and its basic components. You will learn about types of cameras and their applications. You will explore video recorders, display units, and types of cables for signal transmission before studying how to develop CCTV system plans in AutoCAD. This free CCTV training course covers all the basics you need to know.

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Course overview

In this video-based training course, we will introduce you to the CCTV system. CCTV stands for closed-circuit television and is generally known as video surveillance. It is mainly used for the protection of people, assets, and properties. Many offices, hotels, schools, restaurants, banks, and homes rely on CCTV for protection. While the security system may not prevent crime, it certainly decreases the chance of crime occurring. CCTV systems allow users to keep an eye on nearby activities. Live footage is the primary feature of CCTV systems with the secondary being the recording and storing of this footage onto hard disks. This way, you can take advantage of securing the premises in real-time as well as reviewing recorded footage at a later date.

You will then learn about the basic components of the CCTV system and how they are interconnected to perform the desired operation. You will also be introduced to the different types of cameras, how they work, and their applications. After completing the section on cameras, you move on to video recorders and their benefits, types, and uses. Following this, we will study the display units and transmission cables, which are used to transmit captured video signals from cameras to the video recorders. The types of different cables and important points related to their installation will be discussed. Next, learn about drafting CCTV system plans and legends in AutoCAD.

The expertise acquired in this course includes the workings of a CCTV system, an understanding of various components, and how to draft the system in AutoCAD software. This course will help you to master the security system industry - a growing business. Don’t wait: learn the basics of designing and installing CCTV systems today with this free online course. 

What will i learn?

  • Define the CCTV security system
  • Analyze the basic and essential purposes of CCTV
  • Classify the components of the security system
  • Identify CCTV cameras as per the requirements
  • Compare the different video records used in CCTV
  • Compare the transmission cables that are used to transmit the data
  • Explain the drafting steps that are needed to be taken in creating AutoCAD drawings
Curriculum for this course
2 Lessons 00:07:40 Hours
2 Lessons 00:07:40 Hours
  • CCTV: Closed Circuit Television The CCTV system allows you to keep an eye on your nearby activities
  • Basics of CCTV
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