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Chrisper Chileshe

Dr. Chileshe Chrisper

Dr. Chileshe Chrisper was born in the year 1985 in the Northern Province of Zambia, Kasama district in particular. He did his primary school education at the then Chiba primary school in Kasama. He went to Kasama Boys' High School where he did his grades 8-10 and then moved to Butondo High School in Mufulira. He completed his secondary education at Butondo High School where he had also served as Mathematics president of the club there. He attended his tertiary education at The University of Zambia from the year 2006 studying mathematics as his major. In his third year of tertiary education, he was awarded best student 100% bursary facilitated by the School of Education board of Studies. He was also awarded a room in the same year of study. After graduating as best student in his program he was taken by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics as a staff development fellow. He got a scholarship to do his further studies from the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences in the year 2011. He then studied pure mathematics at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Senegal where he obtained his postgraduate diploma. He was awarded a scholarship to do his masters under the supervision of Prof Jamshid Moori via the AIMS Network in collaboration with his supervisor. He then did his masters study in mathematics at North West University where he graduated with distinction in the year 2013. He was then awarded a scholarship to do his doctoral studies in mathematics in conjunction with Prof Jamshid Moori. He got his PhD in 2016 and has since been lecturing mathematics full time at the University of Zambia. 




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